Cloud Base ? Where

  • Hi

    this tool is my single RC forecasting reference.

    However, please note that the App is of limited use to me because it does not show cloud base - I have to use the web version for this.

    Is there a way to show cloud base in the App ?


  • administrators

    The current cloud-base is available in the Wind Profile tab, but not yet in the Forecast tab. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Thanks for responding, but the wind profile tab is not a forecast it is just telling me what the cloud base is now.  

    What I need is to be able to forecast the cloud base during the week ahead.  

    It is pointless finding a day next week with suitable wind speed, temperature and rainfall for flying, if the cloud base is going to be 50 feet and I cant tell that until I rock up at the flying site.

    In my view this is absolutely essential to the App if it is to be used for forecasting

    Note, I couldn't care less about cloud cover, perhaps an option to display one or the other might work, if display space is tight ?