Wind Current vs Forecasted

  • just upgraded to the Hobbyist version and the forecast winds vs current conditions are way off. For instance right now there is virtually no wind and the forecast shows 21 mph. Everyday this week the forecast shows winds from 25-62mph which is considered no good the fly. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that the forecast winds vs what the actuals are is like 3-4 times higher. I have the threshold set at 300’ so I know the wind will be higher than the surface winds but the app reporting current vs forecast doesn’t seem to add up when the current conditions get to the forecasted time. Any idea why this might be? One of the reasons I upgraded to the subscription is I wanted to be able to forecast flying for the week and wind is obviously a major consideration.

  • I am also having the same problem. Noaa shows will sustain 5 mile an hour today however UAV shows 21 miles per hr. I would hope this program is close to what NOAA show live.

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    Weather forecasts do change and forecasts are just forecasts, so it is not unexpected that sometimes the actual realized wind speed will differ from that forecasted for any given time.

    Please be sure to check the "wind altitude" setting in the app. NOAA wind speeds are reported at ground level (typically defined as 10 meters / 33 feet above ground). If the app shows higher wind speeds it is probably because it is showing you wind speeds *at higher altitudes*, which you can configure in the Settings tab in the app.

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    Maybe a daft question - does the 'Wind Altitude' refer to Altitude at my home/current location (which is c. 850ft. above sea level) or does it treat that as 'ground zero' and then count up from there ?


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    Wind altitude is relative to ground level at the location of the forecast (i.e. AGL).